Dedication to client care and satisfaction, with an established record of loyalty and work ethic, mark the practice of Attorney Steve Chelski and his staff at the offices of Chelski & Associates. Centrally located in Culver City, Chelski & Associates is at the hub and helm of a network of premier personal injury attorneys in Southern California.

Respected by colleagues and community, Attorney Steve Chelski and his team provide a multitude of personal injury attorney and [workers’ compensation] lawyer services. As a personal injury attorney, Steve takes on cases involving injuries sustained from all different kinds of accidents, including auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and catastrophic injury claims.

Chelski and Associates’ injury law service is unique. No other law firm does what we do. Attorney Steve Chelski investigates new injuries, collects evidence, photographs injuries, photographs the scene of the accident, goes to the hospital and interviews the injured person and family members, photographs the scene in the hospital for the potential jury to see, and associates the best law firm in the correct county to expertly handle the matter to successful conclusion. Steve Chelski remains available throughout the case, so our clients get the benefits of two firms for the price of one.

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day and we never know when one can happen to you. How will you pay for your medical bills? How will you support your family? If you were hurt in an accident someone else caused, do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Chelski & Associates. You will speak to an accident attorney who can help investigate your claim, prepare and present your case, and help you fight for the most compensation available to take care of the emotional, medical and rehabilition costs associated with the accident. It is important to contact Chelski & Associates as soon as possible, before evidence is lost or you say the wrong thing. Keeping the telephone number to Chelski & Associates in your wallet would be a really good idea.

If the accident involved an auto, as your personal auto accident attorney, Steve Chelski and Associates can help. Like other types of accidents, motor vehicle accidents are often caused by the negligence of other drivers, or sometimes towns or cities which haven’t maintained a safe driving environment for motorists.

Motorcycle accidents are of great concern due to the nature of riding a motorcycle where the motorcycle rider or riders are particularly at risk for traumatic injuries. The rider is not protected by doors & floors & roll bars. Often, other drivers do not even “see” you, leaving you too little time to avoid the accident, and boom, you are severely injured. Chelski & Associates can fight for you. If you were not culpable, Chelski & Associates can work hard to gather evidence to prove that and get you the compensation you deserve.

Chelski & Associates also offers lawyer services for other types personal injury accidents. Injuries can happen from defective products, broken sidewalks and other accidents. Sometimes, building or premises owners can be held responsible for a slip and fall injury that occurred on their property. It is likely the result of an issue they should have either fixed or brought to the attention of patrons of their facility. Slip and fall injuries can lead to lifetime disabilities, such as paralysis or brain damage. These tragic occurrences are followed by strenuous and sometimes chronic recovery periods that cost victims a lot of time, happiness, and money because of lost wages. These types of catastrophic injury claims should not be taken on without the help of a qualified, experienced, and compassionate personal injury attorney like Steve Chelski. With over 40 years of experience helping clients through exceedingly difficult circumstances brought on by catastrophic injuries, he has established himself as one of the leading personal injury lawyers in SoCal. He has a solid reputation for helping his clients succeed in getting the maximum compensation for their losses. In cases of wrongful death in SoCal, Steve Chelski will work with the family who lost their loved one to receive the maximum compensation available. This will ensure they do not have to compound their sorrow in this type of tragic scenario with the weight and stress of bills incurred by the accident, funeral, or loss of wages. Steve Chelski knows that these are some of the most demanding and challenging circumstances, and he wants to do everything possible to help you recover.

The law offices of Steve Chelski also offer excellent workers’ compensation lawyer services to those who have been injured on the job. This is a very common occurrence that is all too often caused by unsafe or hazardous working conditions. As a dedicated employee, you know your work environment should be safe, and you should not have to worry about getting injured or dealing with the effects of a traumatic on-the-job injury. Workplace injuries can cause more than just pain when the injuries are sufficient enough to cause the victim to miss work, which means they lose out on earning wages. The double-down of injury and lack of finances present the victim with a uniquely difficult and demoralizing situation to have to face, which is why hiring a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer like Steve Chelski is crucial. You will want to have the peace of mind to recover quickly and pay all of your medical and personal bills on time.

In addition to the services above, divorce attorney services are also available to clients of the law offices of Chelski & Associates. Filing for divorce is not easy emotionally, and technically speaking, can be a very arduous and demanding process for the couple that is separating. Steve Chelski will utilize his 40+ years of experience to defend his client’s rights to the fullest when it comes to settling upon spousal support, child custody and visitation rights, and child support.

If you live in Southern California and you need a personal injury lawyer with the reputation, experience and professionalism in the area, then do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Chelski & Associates today. You will get a free case evaluation and find out how you can best fight for your rights and the maximum compensation available to you.