Injury Wins

gavelFinding a great attorney can be a daunting task. Let Steve Chelski help! Here are some cases that Chelski & Associates have won for their injury clients:

$ 2,100,000

Chelski & Associates collected $2,100,000 just ten months after an accident, without litigation.  34-year-old shipping clerk and father of three was driving his motorcycle through an intersection when defendant ran a red light, causing the collision.  Plaintiff was ejected from his motorcycle and hit the ground.  Before calling Chelski, his HMO doctors had missed his brain injury, which Chelski suspected from discussion with the wife, and which our top doctors diagnosed. Most lawyers would have accepted Kaiser’s under-diagnosis, taken years in court, and collected much less.

$ 1,250,000

Chelski & Associates collected $1,250,000.00 just four months after an accident, without litigation. A USC student was driving his motorcycle straight through an intersection when he was cut off by a car coming from the opposite direction and making a left turn. He had arm and leg surgeries at Kaiser Hospital. The young motorcyclist was surprised and delighted at how much his case settled for and how quickly. He can use his arm and the nerves in his leg have grown back (after the quick settlement) so that he is walking again.


$ 250,000

A 51 year-old man riding his motorcycle was struck by an SUV and thrown about 45 feet. His body bounced off a bush, then hit a tree, and still had the speed to cross two more lanes. In severe pain, he crawled back to the median for safety. An ambulance rushed him to UCLA Medical Center where he was hospitalized for three days. He later had shoulder surgery.

Even though his medical bills were about $50,000 at insurance discount rates, his case settled for five times that amount in just four weeks after calling Steve Chelski.

$ 250,000

A 50 year-old man whose truck had a flat tire was asked by the tow truck driver to assist by placing the jack under the frame. The truck rolled, crushing his hand between the frame and the jack.

Surgery was needed for fusion of two hand bones as well as thumb reconstruction. He suffered an infection After aggressive therapy, he was left with significant hand disability and loss of earnings.

$ 192,940

Entering an intersection on a green light, a 60 year-old man was T-boned on the driver’s side by a high-speed vehicle. The impact thrust him over the center divider, across the opposing lanes of traffic. His car then continued uphill, smashing into a hotel.

His neck was broken. With no health insurance, he hired Steve Chelski and received neck surgery in a hospital on liens with top-notch doctors. Today he is fully recovered. Steve Chelski photographed the gruesome injuries, which preserved the evidence. With those photos, Chelski & Associates got $192,940 for their client.

$ 105,000

While driving a golf cart under 15 MPH, a 38 year-old man was struck by a L.A. City pick up truck which had been barreling down a steep slope at about 60 MPH in a 15 MPH zone. The truck driver slammed on the brakes and skidded about 100 feet until the truck smashed into the man’s golf cart head on.

Attorney Steve Chelski arranged for his client to see a professor of neurology at UCLA Medical Center on a lien. The City of L.A. selected Johnny Cochran to be their trial defense attorney. The former law firm of Chelski, Hammock and Hedges settled the case before trial for $105,000.

$ 100,000

Deets of newest case.

$ 50,000

The film, “Erin Brokovich” showed how PG&E had poisoned some land in Hinkley, California, where two sisters visited family. Even though the family’s home was not in the poisoned area, the sisters drove ATVs in the poisoned area. Chelski & Associates settled their cases for $25,000 each.

$ 35,000

A 42 year old woman with a pre-existing neck injury was rear-ended. Her neck was mildly aggravated. Steve Chelski settled her case for the $35,000 policy limit.

$ 25,000

A 48 year-old woman was driving at low speed through a downpour in rush hour traffic. A heavily loaded 18-wheel truck tail-gating her car rear-ended her when she braked for debris in her lane.

She suffered a neck injury and bruised shoulder. Chelski & Associates settled her case for $25,000.

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